Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cait's Toaster.

Cait's mom, Sallypoo, bought a dumb little toaster one day. It is functional, but it has stupid functions. This thing was made by a person who didn't have enough counter space in their kitchen. Well, in my experience, every kitchen I have ever been in has had plenty of counter space. How much do you leave on your counter? I hope you clean up after yourself. So, this toaster is not the normal, pleasant square shape you usually see in your average kitchen. This toaster is a rebel. This toaster is a rectangle. There is a big ol' slot for your food to be toasted in. Not two slots, one slot. I tried to make waffles, which are delicious, in this toaster. The waffles overlapped because there is one slot. So part of my waffles were not toasted. I am serious about my waffles. Would you by a toaster that was not doing it's job properly? I wouldn't. I am willing to sacrifce 3 by 6 inches of counter space in order to have crispy waffles.

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